PS3 Kingdom Hearts 2 glitch workaround

Taking the Emotion Engine out of the European Playstation 3’s was a really bad idea, Sony themselves said that software emulation wasn’t good enough and true to form a problem with a top title has emerged.

A discussion over at the forums has unearthed a show stopping glitch when you play Kingdom Hearts 2 on a PlayStation 3. Facing off against the hostile program in Tron’s world becomes an endless endevour and progress cannot be made further in the game.

ninjaboris, from the forums, quickly came up with a workaround using none other than our very own PSV Exporter to transfer your save to a PS2 Memorycard (using PS2 Save Builder to convert the raw files created by PSV Exporter into a save for your preferred save transfering method or program), complete the problem section on a PS2 and then use the PS3 Memorycard Adapter to transfer the save back to the PS3.

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How to convert .PSV to PS2 save format

The backwards compatability option of the Playstation 3 is great, but what if you want to play on your PS2 again, or transfer your save from your friends PS3 to your PS2? There are many reasons why you’d want to move your PS2 save from the virtual memorycard on the PS3 and back onto a real memorycard in the PS2, so how do you do it?

The quick answer is to use PSV Exporter and to help you along I’ve made a tutorial showing how to convert .PSV to PS2 save format, allowing you to use your saves on your PlayStation 2 again.

uLaunchELF users will also find this tutorial helpful as I’ve added an optional step to convert .psv into .psu format, the preferred choice of many people.

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Halo 3 Legendary Edition now available to pre-order!

If you’re an avid gamer like me you’ll be happy to hear that the long awaited and limited edition Halo 3 Legendary Edition with Sparten helmet is now available to pre-order in the UK already!

I fully expect that the US edition will be ready to pre-order soon

I’ve got mine pre-ordered, and I don’t even own an Xbox360 yet, have you?

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How to transfer your PS2 saves to the PS3?

This is a common question, especially for those who have just picked up a brand new Playstation 3

In short, you’re going to need to purchase the Sony Playstation 3 Memory Card Adaptor, without this there is currently no way to transfer your old saves from your Playstation 2 memory card.

UK users, who have yet to see the Playstation 3 reach their shores, can already buy an unofficial PS2 Memory Card Adaptor (PS3), which does the same job at the official Sony kit but comes in at a cheaper price. Not to mention the official adapter isn’t out in the UK yet despite needing no hardware changes.

Look out for an upcoming tutorial on transferring your Playstation 2 saves, in the .psv format, back to your PS2 from the Playstation 3 using PSV Exporter

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MemoryCard Killer finally reaches PS2 Save Tools

It’s hard to believe I missed this, but a quick check our our downloads section reveals that MCKiller, that always useful tool for formatting memory cards, never made it in there.

I’ve since fixed this glaring ommision and now you can find MCKiller amongst other high quality save tools and utilities.

Please note: MCKiller is a PS2 executable and as such you must be able to run homebrew software to use this tool.

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GTA: SA Censor Remover Online

Delphi is my programming language of choice. After using C, C++ and Visual Basic I found that there was no better way to make Windows software than with Delphi. Don’t even get me started about .net…

As much as I love the language, it has one drawback; it’s only practical for writing Windows software which means that Linux and Mac users miss out on the useful software and tools I write.

Today I’m proud to annouce the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Censor Remover Online! It’s been along time coming, mainly due to the fact PHP is not at all suited to accessing files in a binary way.

Please note that the tool, although being tested during development, is still in BETA and as such you should make a backup of your save before use.

In the unlikely event you do find an error, please use the contact form to let me know what happened and what error you received.

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Need .psu support? PS2 Save Converter is what you need.

uLaunchElf, that always handy file manager and elf launcher, features full save/load support for .psu files, the format developed for the EMS PS2 Memory Adpater.

The problem is that PS2 Save Builder supports loading .psu saves but does not support saving as .psu. This was because Vector, who wrote PS2 Save Builder, was unable to test this to his satisfaction (my EMS Memory Adapter died) and so support for saving in this format was removed.

This wasn’t an issue at the time as very few people in the west had this product, but with it now being the format of choice for users of uLaunchElf more and more people are missing the abilty to convert their saves over to .psu

Over at PS2-Scene ffgriever has released PS2 Save Converter, a handy tool that converts between .xps (Xport2 format) and .psu (EMS Memory Adapter format).
When used in conjuction with PS2 Save Builder, this allows conversion between all the major formats and even the creation of new save files in .psu format (save as .xps in PS2 Save Builder and use PS2 Save Converter to convert it to .psu)

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The PS2 Save Tools Shop opens

You might be wondering what the new PS2 Save Tools Store is all about.

This site and all it’s software is provided on a free basis, we don’t charge and don’t intend to but as you can imagine our monthly bills to keep the site online just keep on getting bigger and bigger.


We love all the latest games and kit and we know you do too. We trust Amazon and we know you do to, so what better way to support the site and future developments than purchasing the latest game, accessory or consoles via our online store knowing that you’ve contributed a small amount to keep the site running. You get the security and service of Amazon without the clutter. Not to mention you’re doing the right thing.


There’s two versions of the store available, one for our UK visitors and one for our USA visitors, happy shopping! (And don’t forget to buy lots!)

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Is the PS1 considered retro these days?

Well it certainly is in my house and I’m happy to annouce that PSV Exporter now supports the extraction of Playstation 1 saves for you fellow retro heads.

The data structures I released last year are no longer current, whilst mapping the way the PSV files store PS1 data I was able to refine them even more. I will not be releasing these as I did previously as I see no need. If anyone wants to support PSV files in their application the previously released data structures work and are more than enough to use as a base for their own work.

I often get asked when I’m going to add the facility to edit/create PSV files to the program. I would dearly love to add this feature however the digital signature I have mentioned previously is the stopping point here. When the signature is cracked then you’ll hear about it right here and I will work on adding the requested feature.

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The essential save utilities

Whether you’re new or old to save hacking there’s 5 utilities (besides a hex editor) that everyone should have:

PS2 Save Builder

Billed as the swiss army knife for PS2 saves, this is a must have program. Not only can you use it to create new saves, but you can edit existing ones as well as converting from one format to another. Absolutely essential!

GTA: SA Censor Remover

GTA San Andreas is the game that broke the censors limit. GTA: SA Censor Remover is the only program that unlocked the hidden “Hot Coffee” scenes on every platform the game was released on and is completely gameplay friendly. A must have for any GTA fan.

The PS2 Independence Exploit

Not strictly a program as such but a method for owners of the older Playstation 2 to load homebrew software. Widely used and a great boost to the PS2 community, no PS2 owner should be without this handy, and only slightly subversive, facility.

uLaunchElf (external link)

Unofficial LaunchELF, or ULaunchELF for short, is one of the programs that really took off after the PS2 Independence Exploit was released. What started life as a basic program launcher has now been fleshed out to a full file manager with themes, a jpeg viewer, hard drive management tools and more. The perfect compliment to the Independence Exploit.

XBox Game Save Re-signer

I just couldn’t complete this list without including this Xbox utility, especially considering it’s host is no longer available. Recently added to our downloads, this essential Xbox tool allows you to “resign” Xbox saves. Without this handy tool, modifying an Xbox save invalidates the digital signature contained within and, without updating it, the game will not load the save. A must have tool for this still populour console.

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