PS3 Kingdom Hearts 2 glitch workaround

Taking the Emotion Engine out of the European Playstation 3’s was a really bad idea, Sony themselves said that software emulation wasn’t good enough and true to form a problem with a top title has emerged.

A discussion over at the forums has unearthed a show stopping glitch when you play Kingdom Hearts 2 on a PlayStation 3. Facing off against the hostile program in Tron’s world becomes an endless endevour and progress cannot be made further in the game.

ninjaboris, from the forums, quickly came up with a workaround using none other than our very own PSV Exporter to transfer your save to a PS2 Memorycard (using PS2 Save Builder to convert the raw files created by PSV Exporter into a save for your preferred save transfering method or program), complete the problem section on a PS2 and then use the PS3 Memorycard Adapter to transfer the save back to the PS3.

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