PS2 AR Max save format


offset size description
0x00000000 12 Magic = ‘Ps2PowerSave’
0x0000000C 4 checksum (CRC32 all of file with checksum area treated as 0x00000000
0x00000010 32 Directory name (0x00 terminated)
0x00000030 32 icon.sys name in ascii English
0x00000050 4 size of compressed data
0x00000054 4 number of files in save archive
0x00000058 4 size of uncompressed data
0x0000005C (see 0x000000050) lzAri compressed data


After uncompressing the data using the lzAri algorithm you will have an archive file containing the actual files.

The archive is a simple format consisting of file information followed by the actual data and then some padding repeated for as many files as there are:

offset size description
0x00000000 4 size of the data
0x00000004 32 filename
0x00000024 (see 0x00000000) file data


The padding following file data is calculated using the following algorithm:

padding := roundUp(clump.Position + 8, 16) – 8 – clump.Position;
(algo courtesy of Ross Ridge).

The full code creating the archive in the ARMax DLL is:

procedure TMaxSave.buildClump;
    aFile : PFileDetails;
    a, b : integer;
    fileDetails : TClumpFileDetails;
    padding : integer;
    paddingdata : array of char;
    padd : byte;
    clump.position := 0;
    padd := $0;
    for a := 0 to files.Count - 1 do begin
        aFile := files.Items[a]; := aFile^.name;
        fileDetails.size := aFile^.data.Size;
        aFile^.data.Position := 0;
        clump.Write(fileDetails, sizeof(fileDetails));
        clump.CopyFrom(aFile^.data, fileDetails.size);
        padding := roundUp(clump.Position + 8, 16) - 8 - clump.Position;
        for b := 1 to padding do begin
            clump.Write(padd, sizeOf(padd));
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