PS2 Independence Exploit

Files and tools used in the PS2 Independence Exploit, a way to load applications from the memory card requiring no mod chip.

Exploit save files - EMS format
Description: System data save files used for the exploit in EMS format
Version: 1.0 Size: 168.9 KiB
Author: Acid-Jazz Added: March 14, 2004 Downloads: 8036
Exploit save Files - nPort format
Description: System data save files used for the exploit in nPort format
Version: 1.0 Size: 166.5 KiB
Author: Marcus R. Brown Added: September 6, 2003 Downloads: 6628
Exploit save Files - Xport format
Description: System data save files used for the exploit in Xport format
Version: 1.0 Size: 167.3 KiB
Author: Sam Skivington Added: September 6, 2003 Downloads: 9904
Exploit Source package
Description: Source files for the exploit
Version: 1.0 Size: 18.1 KiB
Author: Marcus R. Brown Added: September 6, 2003 Downloads: 6426
Jum's Boot ELF Uploader
Description: Use this PS2 program to upload a new BOOT.ELF to your memory card's BxDATA-SYSTEM directory. Includes source files.

Requires the ability to load homemade CD's
Version: 1.0 Size: 45.3 KiB
Author: Jum Added: September 6, 2003 Downloads: 13419
Jum's PS2 MC Boot Menu
Description: This is a very basic, no frills little PS2 proggie that acts as a boot menu to run ELF executable from your memory card. Includes source files.
Version: 1.0 Size: 51.0 KiB
Author: Jum Added: September 6, 2003 Downloads: 10505
Description: MCLoader can be used as a replacement BOOT.ELF in the exploit and allows you to install programs on the memory card via the Sony Network Adapter and PS2VFS (available with PS2Reality's Mediaplayer 1.50) More versatile than PS2link as programs can be stored and loaded from the memory card including the Mediaplayer itself, see the enclosed documents for detailed changes and usage. This release adds UMCDR and CDX support.
Version: 1.35 Size: 262.6 KiB
Author: Hermes/PS2REALITY Added: May 6, 2004 Downloads: 18183
MCLoader and Naplink Xport saves
Description: This zip contains two Xport saves: MCLoader.xps is a PAL BEDATA-SYSTEM save which has MCLoader 1.10 as it's BOOT.ELF, it is configured to use FF7 PAL SCES_008.67, Gran Turismo 1 PAL SCES_009.84 and Gran Turismo 2 PAL SCES_023.80 Naplink.xps is a save containing Naplink configured to run from the memory card, you must use MCLoader 1.10 to load it via the 'Applications in MC' option. Note: This save will overwrite any existing PS2Reality save, this is required and can be avoided by installing Naplink manually to an existing PS2Reality save
Version: 1.1 Size: 252.5 KiB
Author: gothi Added: September 7, 2003 Downloads: 5536
MCLoader/PS2Link 1.2 Xport files [pal]
Description: PAL Xport MCLoader saves. The POKE in copy.cnf fixes a bug, w/o PS2Link would try to read from host. As usual: this will overwrite old saves.
Version: 1.2 Size: 295.5 KiB
Author: Nachbrenner Added: March 14, 2004 Downloads: 3985
Naplink - bootable from memory card
Description: This version of Naplink is bootable from the memory card and requires no other files. To use with the Independence exploit simply rename naplink.elf to BOOT.ELF and replace the old boot file with it.
Version: 1.0.1a Size: 50.1 KiB
Author: Napalm Added: December 1, 2003 Downloads: 12033
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