PS2 Save Development

Source and small programs used in development of PS2 game save related programs. Get free, useful stuff here!

nPort source
Description: This is the full source to nPort v0.1 BETA, a PS2 based save transfer program (requires a PS2 client such as Naplink to function)
Version: 0.1 (beta) Size: 2.0 MiB
Author: Wire Added: April 8, 2004 Downloads: 7695
PS2 icon C library
Description: A C library for working with PS2 save icons, use this to make your own programs
Version: 0.7.0 Size: 4.0 KiB
Author: Martin Added: March 7, 2003 Downloads: 5007
Save Slicer Source
Description: This is the slightly modified source for Save Slicer 1.3, as I now no longer maintain this program I am releasing this source in the hopes it might help more people write software to do interesting and cool stuff with game saves.
Version: 1.3 Size: 13.6 KiB
Author: gothi Added: March 14, 2004 Downloads: 5436
Save Text Editor source
Description: This is the (unfinished and possibly buggy) Visual Basic source of a now dead project known as Save Text Editor which was born from the back of another dead project, Xport2Xdrive.
Version: 1.0 Size: 20.1 KiB
Author: gothi Added: February 4, 2004 Downloads: 4696
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