When is a .PS2 file not a .PS2 file?

I was pretty sure that with the advent of the 360 and the PS3 that interest in the old PS2 would subside but I’ve received a few emails asking how to use .PS2 files.

In an unfortunate and confusing move, the Sharkport files which used to have the .md file extension now use the .PS2 extension. This is confusing because there is an existing and incompatible file that also stores PS2 save data. A bad decision by the Sharkport managerial team.

If you have a .PS2 file created by PCSX2 then you should use MYMC to manipulate it.

If you have a .PS2 file created by a Sharkport and you want to edit it or manipulate it with PS2Save Builder then you should change the file extension to .md. This will allow PS2 Save Builder to load the save.

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Answers to common questions about PSV files

I’ve updated the FAQ section to include the most common questions I get asked about PSV files, let me know if there’s anything not covered.

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How to convert .PSV to PS2 save format

The backwards compatability option of the Playstation 3 is great, but what if you want to play on your PS2 again, or transfer your save from your friends PS3 to your PS2? There are many reasons why you’d want to move your PS2 save from the virtual memorycard on the PS3 and back onto a real memorycard in the PS2, so how do you do it?

The quick answer is to use PSV Exporter and to help you along I’ve made a tutorial showing how to convert .PSV to PS2 save format, allowing you to use your saves on your PlayStation 2 again.

uLaunchELF users will also find this tutorial helpful as I’ve added an optional step to convert .psv into .psu format, the preferred choice of many people.

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PS2 NTSC/PAL save conversion guide

The question of how to change a save to PAL from NTSC and vice versa pops up quite often and it’s not quite as easy as it should so I’ve put together this FAQ to cover changing a save from one region to another using PS2 Save Builder.

You can do this with any save and in any format supported by PS2 Save Builder. The save you want to convert doesn’t even need to be in the format your save transfering device uses as long as PS2 Save Builder supports saving to the format you need.

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Small Correction on Naplink guide

Seems that when I copied the text from my copy.cnf something lost along the way.

I’ve updated the line LOAD vmc:PS2REALITYunrar.irx to LOAD vmc:/PS2REALITY/unrar.irx
The save provided at the end of the tutorial has been tested and loads Naplink however I will upload a slightly newer version later today

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How to use Naplink with the PS2 Independence Exploit

I’ve added a guide to installing Naplink using the Exploit and MCLoader 1.10, you can read it here

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Spring cleaning the FAQ section

I’m currently going over the FAQ section and updating it accordingly, the section about the Xport/Sharkport software and save icons has been updated to include info about the Icon Crippler patch and updated the nPort section which was getting a bit old

Things are a little quiet at the moment, I shall try to have a beta of the Save Text Editor ready for the beginning of next week (or sooner) and I’ll continue to make a new beta of Save Slicer to fix a few issues that became apparent after updates in the last beta

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nPort sections added to the FAQ

As indicated I’ve added an nPort section to the FAQ and I am working on implementing .npo support into the existing programs here.

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FAQ updated

Updated the Xport section and added a new catagory to the FAQ: PS2 Save Tools & Programs. If you know of something that should be addressed in there let me know.

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FAQ populated

I’ve populated the FAQ section, if you have anything to add get in touch

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