When is a .PS2 file not a .PS2 file?

I was pretty sure that with the advent of the 360 and the PS3 that interest in the old PS2 would subside but I’ve received a few emails asking how to use .PS2 files.

In an unfortunate and confusing move, the Sharkport files which used to have the .md file extension now use the .PS2 extension. This is confusing because there is an existing and incompatible file that also stores PS2 save data. A bad decision by the Sharkport managerial team.

If you have a .PS2 file created by PCSX2 then you should use MYMC to manipulate it.

If you have a .PS2 file created by a Sharkport and you want to edit it or manipulate it with PS2Save Builder then you should change the file extension to .md. This will allow PS2 Save Builder to load the save.

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