PSV Exporter Source code released

Professor Farnsworth exclaiming "Good news everyone!"

Good news indeed!  The source code to PSV Exporter 1.1 can now be found on GitHub.  It’s raw, most of it was coded at 2am after a days work and it needs Delphi to compile, but it’s the whole package.

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Python script to generate Xbox save signing keys

Over at my personal site I’ve just announced the release of a Python script to generate the keys used to digitally re-sign Xbox saves.

Using xbox-save-sig is as simple as passing in the path to a default.xbe file:

python -i /path/to/default.xbe

The output will be a text representation of the digital signature for save signing:


The script can output the key in a selection of formats and being Python can run on many different systems.

The script is licensed under the MIT License, which is pretty permissive, so feel free to fork, improve and put it to good use!

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ARMax save format source code released

For those of developers that still have an interest in modifying Playstation 2 save files we have some good news!

Today we have uploaded the source code for ARMax.pas, a Delphi unit for working with Action Replay Max PS2 saves files. This file forms the heart of ARMaxDLL, the DLL we released to help developers add AR Max save format support to their applications.

With this file we hope other developers can continue to create new applications supporting all types of Playstation 2 saves.

Grab, and fork the code, over at the ARMax GitHub repository.

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PSV Format

I’ve uploaded the Delphi unit I use in PSV Exporter, this can either be dropped straight into a Delphi application or used as a technical document of the PSV File Structure.

You can find PSVFormat.pas right here, please note that this also includes support for PS1 files unlike the previous documents posted.

If you make any changes please use the Contact Us form to let us know so we can update the unit accordingly.

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Microsoft stopping Xbox 360 save sharing?

It seems Microsoft have taken new steps to stop people sharing their game saves and are now including a revocation list containing ID’s that will no longer be accepted on different Xbox 360 consoles than the save was created on.

I’ll be doing a little bit more research on this and posting my thoughts over at in the next day or so but in the mean time I’ve knocked up Revocation ID Checker to quickly check if your saves contain a blacklisted console ID.

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Bully Gallery Viewer WIP

GuiTaRBrEaKeR contacted me yesterday about making a gallery Viewer for RockStar’s new PS2 game, Bully. Although the format is different from the GTA gallery, here’s the Work in Progress screenshot:




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BETA testing time

Edit: See above news item for final version as the beta has been removed

I’ve made aquick app that allows you to *hopefully* experience the removed ‘Hot Coffee’ scene on GTA: San Andreas.

Please follow the instructions in the readme and make sure to backup your save BEFORE using this program on it 🙂

Be aware this is BETA software and therefore may not function as expected, PS2 Save Tools and the author will not be held liable for it’s use. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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GTA: San Andreas Gallery Viewer updated

I’ve been beavering away to make the worlds first public GTA: SA tool a little more useull, here’s the changelog:

+Fixed: Crash issue after saving an image
+Added: Drag and drop support, one file at a time only and there’s still limited checking.
+Added: You can now extract all images to a directory (saved as ‘GTASA image 1.jpg’ etc)
+Added: Removal of pictures from the gallery is now possible
+Added: You can now save your modified gallery
+Added: Right click menu for faster saving and image removal

I might start looking at adding your own files to the Gallery, we’ll have to see how that goes.

As usual you can grab GTA: SA Gallery Viewer 1.1 from our downloads section 🙂

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Where is the PS2 save Builder update?

Many of you have been asking where the new version of PS2 save Builder is?

well, I can reveal that an update was being worked on, with full .max support. That’s right, you can load and save Datel’s new Max save format. However, various politics in the scene delayed this release and it’s now unknown if this much anticipated release will see the light of day

More information, and hopefully a release, will be forthcoming….

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PS2 Save Builder update on the way?

Vector is looking to incorporate the Max Drive save format, .max, into his already exceptionally usefull PS2 Save Builder tool
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