Save Text Editor source code

I’ve decided to make the source code for my unfinished and now dead project Save Text Editor available for download.

I hope this is of some use to someone, if you do use any of the code or create a program based upon it make sure you send me a copy 🙂

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Sneak Peak of Save Text Ed

Here’s a quick look at a project I’ve just picked up again, Save Text Ed allows you to alter all the variable text fields of PS2 Saves, mainly concentrating on Xport saves

click for a larger version

  • Game name is the name of the game and is used for sorting in the Xport software
  • Save name is the name you called your save (level 12 reached etc), used for sorting between several saves for the same game in the Xport software
  • Notes is the text field of Xport saves that you can enter any text into, usefull for reminders and any specific instructions needed for the save.
  • Save Text is found in all saves regardless of format, it is the text shown in the PS2 Browser when viewing saves.

Currently all fields except Save Text are editable, when I have implemented editable Save Text facilities I will release a beta to members

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What is happening to Xport2XDrive….

Since only a few people have the X-Drive and the AR2v2/GS2v2 compress all X-Drive saves I will not be continuing work on this program.

I will be using the skeleton of Xport2XDrive to create another program that allows you to edit the text of Xport/SharkPort saves as well as the text shown when you view a save in the PS2 Broswer.
Currently the beta name is Save Text Changer, although I am leaning towards Save Text Editor, anyhow if you feel that one is better than the other or have a new name suggestion I’m all ears

A beta and appropriate beta forum will be hopefully be available in a week or so

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Save Slicer update

Just updating this as I type, here’s the change-log so you know what to expect.
I should have a beta available to members either today or tomorrow

* Auto-naming of sliced sections
* Support for nPort saves
* Automaticly slice a save and build an nPort save from the sections (still being programmed in, requires the npo-x.exe included with nPort)

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Xport2XDrive not working as expected

Alas the without actually owning an XDrive, making software for it was always a challenge, until someone who has one or can provide uncompressed X-Drive/SharkDrive saves contacts me I’m going to have to leave the project on hold at the current beta.

However it has given me an idea for another program (and the knowledge to create another I had thought of) so some good has come of this project

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Another program on the way

After working myself to death (well til about 4am) Xport2Xdrive is readying for a beta release.

Requests for testers will be made to registered users although how many people will reply is debatable, I’ve only found one person with the X-Drive/SharkDrive so far

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Here’s a couple of images to wet your appetite
(click for larger pictures)



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Further progress

Thanks to RCE, I now know enough to complete my Xport2Xdrive program and to start on an Xport2Psu tool…. I have a few other programs to finish first but I’ll keep posting news as I have it.

A big thanks to RCE again

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Good news for X-Drive/SharkDrive owners

My last beta of XPort2XDrive was flawed, however I now know of the major problem with it and and have thought of several improvements.

Beta testing will become available to members later this month

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Bug in Icon Injector

Whilst programming Save Slicer I found a minor flaw in the way Icon Injector handles .xps and .sps files. Because it is not a common or serious flaw an update will be issued after Save Slicer is complete.

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