Sneak Peak of Save Text Ed

Here’s a quick look at a project I’ve just picked up again, Save Text Ed allows you to alter all the variable text fields of PS2 Saves, mainly concentrating on Xport saves

click for a larger version

  • Game name is the name of the game and is used for sorting in the Xport software
  • Save name is the name you called your save (level 12 reached etc), used for sorting between several saves for the same game in the Xport software
  • Notes is the text field of Xport saves that you can enter any text into, usefull for reminders and any specific instructions needed for the save.
  • Save Text is found in all saves regardless of format, it is the text shown in the PS2 Browser when viewing saves.

Currently all fields except Save Text are editable, when I have implemented editable Save Text facilities I will release a beta to members

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