New feature for GTA: SA Censor Remover

Hot on the heels of yesterdays release and spurred on by a request I saw at a popular Xbox message board I’ve added the ability to change the region of Xbox saves directly into GTA: SA Censor Remover 1.4

The readme was also becoming a huge mess of text so I spent a few minutes and created a help file for the program. Be sure to read it as it explains how to unlock the removed Hot Coffee scenes on every version of GTA San andreas and also details how to use the new Xbox save region changing feature.

I will also be adding a new FAQ shortly which will explain how to change the region of PS2 saves using PS2 Save Builder, which save will I be using to demonstrate this?
GTA San Andreas of course!

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GTA: SA Censor Remover becomes even more user friendly

Due to a few emails I’ve had recently regarding how to use GTA: SA Censor Remover I’ve updated the interface to include a menu which allows you to select which save to work on via regular dialog boxes making it even easier to unlock the removed Hot Coffee scenes.
You can still drop saves directly onto the program and all other functuality remains the same.

I have also made the log output more informative so there should be no confusion as to what is happening and what the status of the save you just loaded is.

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GTA: SA Censor Remover 1.2 released with PAL Xbox support

PAL Xbox owners can now enjoy the same ‘delights’ of coffee that everyone else has as GTA: SA Censor Remover 1.2 now has full support for these GTA: San Andreas saves.

Just use the program as normal (run it and then drop a save onto it), it will automaticly determine the GTA: SA save region behind the scenes, you don’t have to worry about a thing or press any extra buttons ๐Ÿ™‚

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Fancy some ‘Coffee’ on your other gaming systems too?

Edit: Fixed the download link, my apologies to those that tried to download it before ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been beavering away and rewritten all of GTA Censor Remover so it now supports not only PS2 saves but Xbox and PC saves too.
Now you can experience ‘Hot Coffee’ on any version of the game without needing to edit, resign or modify anything manually, simply patch your save using one simple to use application and you’re good to go ๐Ÿ™‚

PS2 owners: Still no fix on getting stuck in an invisible box after the interactive scene however I am talking to PatrickW who released the original mod to see if there’s anything else in the save I can edit to perhaps fix this.

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GTA Censor Remover

I finally managed to track down my Max Drive disc and I’m happy to say that GTA: SA Censor Remover is good to go!

For those that haven’t realised, this program allows you to remove the censor in GTA: San Andreas and play the removed ‘Hot Coffee’ Interactive scene.

Be sure to pay attention to the instructions in the readme and whatever you do, do not use one of the homebrew solutions (execFTPs, nPort etc) to transfer your GTA saves, they are not compatable and will result in you being unable to load your save.

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GTA: San Andreas Photo Cleaner Update

I’ve added zip support to the program which means you can now just drop your gallery save (AR and Mega X-Key formats only) and in return you get a new zip file containing only cleaned versions of the photos found in the gallery.

As usual grab it from our downloads section

I keep wondering if I should add Xbox Gallery saves support to the original GTA: SA Gallery Viewer, I might work on it but for now this Photo Cleaner should suit most peoples needs ๐Ÿ™‚

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Xbox GTA: San Andreas Photo Cleaner

Those with the Xbox version of GTA: San Andreas will have noticed that the photos you can take with the in game camera are stored in a different way to the PS2 yet are still not natively readable on a PC.

GTA: SA Photo Cleaner allows you to quickly convert those raw images into jpeg files viewable on any PC it also vastly reduces the file size of the image without any loss of quality

Note: Xbox GTA: San Andreas only, may or may not work with the PC version and PS2 owners should download GTA: SA Gallery Viewer, an advanced tool needed to view the images in the PS2 gallery.dat

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New GTA: San Andreas Gallery Viewer available

I’ve released a new update (1.4) to GTA: San Andreas Gallery Viewer today, images that were 80KB when extracted to JPEG in older versions are now much smaller, some are as low as 15KB without any loss of quality

+Changed: Jpegs are now much smaller than in previous releases but still of the same quality

This is probably the last update to the program until the Xbox/PC version of the game is released, at which point I will make any changes needed for compatability and consider looking into image importing into the gallery.dat file.

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Does he stop to play? Another GTA: SA gallery Viewer update!

Instead of playing this amazing game I’ve spent the entire evening and night adding more features to GTA: San Andreas Gallery Viewer (more fool me :D)

From the changelog:

+Added: You can now view you photos in a slideshow
+Added: you can now create a html gallery complete with thumbnails
+Changed: Program exe name has changed to GTAGV.exe
+Fixed: I’m sure I fixed something ๐Ÿ˜€

A word about the HTML Gallery option: READ THE README.TXT file, this gives you instructions on how to create a template.html file which the program will use instead of the crummy built in template I made ๐Ÿ˜€

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Export your GTA: San Andreas holiday snaps

Ever wanted to send your friend the picture you took of four vice pimps being beaten by their ‘lady friends’? Well now you can, GTA: San Andreas Gallery Viewer allows you to view and save your GTA: SA gallery pictures on your PC.

I’d have got this made yesterday, but I was too busy playing GTA: SA on the UK release day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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