GTA SA Censor Remover: Now with German Xbox saves support

Now that Rik is back from his holiday and has tested GTA: SA Censor Remover v1.6 it’s good to go

Here are the changes:

  • Added support for German Xbox saves
  • Added user Age Agreement to program
  • Added invisible box fix and several clarifications to the help file
  • Improved Smart Save Type guessing

I also added a fix supplied by laura for the odd invisible box glitch that seems to happen after Millies special spanking game.

Please read the included help file, I spent several hours making sure it had all the info you needed to get started but still I get emails asking questions that are actually answered in the help file, not only are you wasting my time but your own.

As for what I have planned for v1.7, well if I can get it working it’ll help more than a few of you out there get started and will probably spawn a whole new application for cheating in GTA: San Andreas

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