Need .psu support? PS2 Save Converter is what you need.

uLaunchElf, that always handy file manager and elf launcher, features full save/load support for .psu files, the format developed for the EMS PS2 Memory Adpater.

The problem is that PS2 Save Builder supports loading .psu saves but does not support saving as .psu. This was because Vector, who wrote PS2 Save Builder, was unable to test this to his satisfaction (my EMS Memory Adapter died) and so support for saving in this format was removed.

This wasn’t an issue at the time as very few people in the west had this product, but with it now being the format of choice for users of uLaunchElf more and more people are missing the abilty to convert their saves over to .psu

Over at PS2-Scene ffgriever has released PS2 Save Converter, a handy tool that converts between .xps (Xport2 format) and .psu (EMS Memory Adapter format).
When used in conjuction with PS2 Save Builder, this allows conversion between all the major formats and even the creation of new save files in .psu format (save as .xps in PS2 Save Builder and use PS2 Save Converter to convert it to .psu)

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Is the PS1 considered retro these days?

Well it certainly is in my house and I’m happy to annouce that PSV Exporter now supports the extraction of Playstation 1 saves for you fellow retro heads.

The data structures I released last year are no longer current, whilst mapping the way the PSV files store PS1 data I was able to refine them even more. I will not be releasing these as I did previously as I see no need. If anyone wants to support PSV files in their application the previously released data structures work and are more than enough to use as a base for their own work.

I often get asked when I’m going to add the facility to edit/create PSV files to the program. I would dearly love to add this feature however the digital signature I have mentioned previously is the stopping point here. When the signature is cracked then you’ll hear about it right here and I will work on adding the requested feature.

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More Gran Turismo utilities surface

Sphinx has been working on some tools for Gran Turismo 4 and has released this usefull little utility conjured up during his work.

GT4 Replay Reader is a simple Drag and Drop application that quickly shows you information about a GT4 replay file.

As usual grab it from our downloads section

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PS3 to PS2? Not a problem with PSV Exporter

The Playstation 3 isn’t released in the UK yet but I’m already working on tools based on what files I can get hold of.

The first (of hopefully many) is PSV Exporter.

When you play a Playstation 2 game on a Playstation 3 a ‘virtual’ PS2 save is created with the extension .PSV, this ultility allows you to extract the files, perfect for transferring your save back to the PS2 memorycard using a program such as uLaunchELF

As for adding files back to the .PSV file, a friend of mine told me recently that the file has a digital signature in it and this appears to be the case from the limited time I spent creating this tool. Therefore I’m opening up the work I’ve done with the hopes that the community can help finish mapping this format and we can eventually discover the key used for the digital signature (ala Xbox saves resigning)

Here’s the data structures I mapped within the file, updates and corrections are most welcome!

THeader = record

magic : array[0..3] of char;

unknown1 : integer; //Start of digital sig?

unknown2 : integer;

unknown3 : integer;

unknown4 : integer;

unknown5 : integer;

unknown6 : integer;

unknown7 : integer;

unknown8 : integer;

unknown9 : integer;

unknown10 : integer; //End of digital sig?

unknown11 : integer;

unknown12 : integer;

unknown13 : integer;

unknown14 : integer;

unknown15 : integer;

unknown16 : integer;

unknown17 : integer;

unknown18 : integer;

unknown19 : integer;

unknown20 : integer;

unknown21 : integer;

unknown22 : integer;

unknown23 : integer;

unknown24 : integer;

numberOfFiles : integer;


TMainDirInfo = record

unknown1 : integer;

unknown2 : integer;

unknown3 : integer;

unknown4 : integer;

filesize : integer;

attribute : integer;

filename : array[0..31] of char;


TFileInfo = record

unknown1 : integer;

unknown2 : integer;

unknown3 : integer;

unknown4 : integer;

filesize : integer;

attribute : integer;

filename : array[0..31] of char;

positionInFile : integer;


The PSV file starts with the Header record, then the MainDirInfo record and then the FileInfo record repeated as many times as the number files indicated in the header. Directly following the last FileInfo record is the actual raw data.

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PSX Raw Converter updated

Alkarl has been hard at work and made several improvements to PSX Raw Converter.

For those not in the know, this handy tool allows you to convert between raw PS1 saves (from uLaunchELF) and single game save (.mcs) as used in emulators.

The changes are such:

major improvements:

  • added drag&drop feature.
  • added a behavior for the illegal characters filenames problem

minor improvements:

  • added format checking

As usual, grab it from our downloads!

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Bully Gallery Viewer released!

Already a source of much controversy and banned in many shops, Rockstar’s latest offering, Bully, has finally arrived!

And what better way to share the good news than to take some awesome photos using the in-game camera and share them with the brand new Bully Gallery Viewer


Happy snapping!


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Raw PS1 save convertor released

Those already using uLauncELF will no doubt know that you you can directly access the contents of PS1 memory cards and transfer the raw save to your PC. But how do you use these raw saves with an emulator or indeed use any of the 1000’s of PS1 saves found on the internet in the old psx saves formats?

Alkarl has coded a utility, PSX Raw convertor, to make this process fast and painless. A handy tool for anyone wanting to make use of their PS1 saves again.

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New build of GTA:SA Censor Remover

I’ve uploaded a new version of GTA:SA Censor Remover, it’s mainly small bug fixes and updates to the help file.

Unfortuantly I’ve not had chance to incorporate a language selection feature for those who want to add translations of the program as I am busy with other projects.

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GTA SA Censor Remover: Now with German Xbox saves support

Now that Rik is back from his holiday and has tested GTA: SA Censor Remover v1.6 it’s good to go

Here are the changes:

  • Added support for German Xbox saves
  • Added user Age Agreement to program
  • Added invisible box fix and several clarifications to the help file
  • Improved Smart Save Type guessing

I also added a fix supplied by laura for the odd invisible box glitch that seems to happen after Millies special spanking game.

Please read the included help file, I spent several hours making sure it had all the info you needed to get started but still I get emails asking questions that are actually answered in the help file, not only are you wasting my time but your own.

As for what I have planned for v1.7, well if I can get it working it’ll help more than a few of you out there get started and will probably spawn a whole new application for cheating in GTA: San Andreas

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GTA SA Censor Remover PC save fix

Although careful testing took place it seems that some PC GTA San Andreas saves failed GTA SA Censor Removers inbuilt header check even though they were valid saves.

I’ve improved the header checking to correct this and now added the ability to force the program to treat the save as a certain type when it finds a save that still fails the header check.
Please make sure you choose only the correct save type (GTA: SA Censor Remover v1.5 takes a guess for you but has trouble differentiating between PS2 and PC saves) as the saves do differ between the different systems (PS2, PC and Xbox)

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