Is the PS1 considered retro these days?

Well it certainly is in my house and I’m happy to annouce that PSV Exporter now supports the extraction of Playstation 1 saves for you fellow retro heads.

The data structures I released last year are no longer current, whilst mapping the way the PSV files store PS1 data I was able to refine them even more. I will not be releasing these as I did previously as I see no need. If anyone wants to support PSV files in their application the previously released data structures work and are more than enough to use as a base for their own work.

I often get asked when I’m going to add the facility to edit/create PSV files to the program. I would dearly love to add this feature however the digital signature I have mentioned previously is the stopping point here. When the signature is cracked then you’ll hear about it right here and I will work on adding the requested feature.

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