The essential save utilities

Whether you’re new or old to save hacking there’s 5 utilities (besides a hex editor) that everyone should have:

PS2 Save Builder

Billed as the swiss army knife for PS2 saves, this is a must have program. Not only can you use it to create new saves, but you can edit existing ones as well as converting from one format to another. Absolutely essential!

GTA: SA Censor Remover

GTA San Andreas is the game that broke the censors limit. GTA: SA Censor Remover is the only program that unlocked the hidden “Hot Coffee” scenes on every platform the game was released on and is completely gameplay friendly. A must have for any GTA fan.

The PS2 Independence Exploit

Not strictly a program as such but a method for owners of the older Playstation 2 to load homebrew software. Widely used and a great boost to the PS2 community, no PS2 owner should be without this handy, and only slightly subversive, facility.

uLaunchElf (external link)

Unofficial LaunchELF, or ULaunchELF for short, is one of the programs that really took off after the PS2 Independence Exploit was released. What started life as a basic program launcher has now been fleshed out to a full file manager with themes, a jpeg viewer, hard drive management tools and more. The perfect compliment to the Independence Exploit.

XBox Game Save Re-signer

I just couldn’t complete this list without including this Xbox utility, especially considering it’s host is no longer available. Recently added to our downloads, this essential Xbox tool allows you to “resign” Xbox saves. Without this handy tool, modifying an Xbox save invalidates the digital signature contained within and, without updating it, the game will not load the save. A must have tool for this still populour console.

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