PSV Exporter Source code released

Professor Farnsworth exclaiming "Good news everyone!"

Good news indeed!  The source code to PSV Exporter 1.1 can now be found on GitHub.  It’s raw, most of it was coded at 2am after a days work and it needs Delphi to compile, but it’s the whole package.

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Python script to generate Xbox save signing keys

Over at my personal site I’ve just announced the release of a Python script to generate the keys used to digitally re-sign Xbox saves.

Using xbox-save-sig is as simple as passing in the path to a default.xbe file:

python -i /path/to/default.xbe

The output will be a text representation of the digital signature for save signing:


The script can output the key in a selection of formats and being Python can run on many different systems.

The script is licensed under the MIT License, which is pretty permissive, so feel free to fork, improve and put it to good use!

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The missing downloads

During the move to a new platform I took the opportunity to prune a few of the deprecated downloads from the site. These were mainly tools with functions since replaced by PS2 Save Builder.

If you’re looking for any of the following tools you should download PS2 Save Builder instead:

  • Save Slicer
  • PS2 Save ID Changer
  • Icon Injector
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Memor32 Save Game Manger update

The Memor32 guys have been hard at work and just released another update to their saves managing software, the Memor32 SGM.

The main addition in this release is support for importing .max saves, opening up the multitude of freely available saves for direct use with no conversion needed.

Watch out for further updates, Vista support should be coming very soon!

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New utilities added

We’ve got two additions to the downloads today:

ffgriever has updated PS2 Save Converter to 0.030, implementing .max support. You now need only one tool to handle your .psu/.xps and .max conversions.

Dex2Raw is a utility I knocked up to help Krack3n over at It allows quick conversions of PS1 Dex Drive saves into individual raw PS1 saves suitable for transfer with ULaunchElf.

That’s it for the current software roundup, I’m looking at some PS2 saves with a .ps2 file extension which were not produced by PCSX2 and I’ll be looking to finally finish the .max format write up very soon

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As mentioned on my blog (where I usually post upcoming info) I left out one small, but very much needed, function from my original release of ARMaxDLL; the ability to read the Root ID/Directory.

I’ve now fixed that glaring ommision, tidied up a few routines dealing with strings and updated the help file with various bits of info including working code examples (Delphi only, if you have examples using different languages please send them to me for inclusion). You’ll also notice that the name has changed, this was to avoid confusion with an existing dll that used the same name.

As usual, grab ARMaxDLL v2 from our downloads section! If you make a program that uses this DLL, do let me know.

Upcoming: The .max format laid bare…

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Add AR Max save support to your programs!

I’ve been working hard today to get this finished and finally, one of the most asked questions of all, can be answered…

Software developers can now add direct support for AR Max saves into their programs with maxDLL, a simple to use DLL with all the features you need to manipulate AR Max saves.

Included with the DLL is a comprehensive help document including details of the PS2 file system and AR Max save limitations to get you started. I’ve also included helper functions for working with the browser text in icon.sys files which can also compensate for and correct faulty SJIS generated by PS2 Save Builder and mcIconSysGen

This is the first release so please send any bug reports or suggestions to the email in the help file.

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MemoryCard Killer finally reaches PS2 Save Tools

It’s hard to believe I missed this, but a quick check our our downloads section reveals that MCKiller, that always useful tool for formatting memory cards, never made it in there.

I’ve since fixed this glaring ommision and now you can find MCKiller amongst other high quality save tools and utilities.

Please note: MCKiller is a PS2 executable and as such you must be able to run homebrew software to use this tool.

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GTA: SA Censor Remover Online

Delphi is my programming language of choice. After using C, C++ and Visual Basic I found that there was no better way to make Windows software than with Delphi. Don’t even get me started about .net…

As much as I love the language, it has one drawback; it’s only practical for writing Windows software which means that Linux and Mac users miss out on the useful software and tools I write.

Today I’m proud to annouce the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Censor Remover Online! It’s been along time coming, mainly due to the fact PHP is not at all suited to accessing files in a binary way.

Please note that the tool, although being tested during development, is still in BETA and as such you should make a backup of your save before use.

In the unlikely event you do find an error, please use the contact form to let me know what happened and what error you received.

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Need .psu support? PS2 Save Converter is what you need.

uLaunchElf, that always handy file manager and elf launcher, features full save/load support for .psu files, the format developed for the EMS PS2 Memory Adpater.

The problem is that PS2 Save Builder supports loading .psu saves but does not support saving as .psu. This was because Vector, who wrote PS2 Save Builder, was unable to test this to his satisfaction (my EMS Memory Adapter died) and so support for saving in this format was removed.

This wasn’t an issue at the time as very few people in the west had this product, but with it now being the format of choice for users of uLaunchElf more and more people are missing the abilty to convert their saves over to .psu

Over at PS2-Scene ffgriever has released PS2 Save Converter, a handy tool that converts between .xps (Xport2 format) and .psu (EMS Memory Adapter format).
When used in conjuction with PS2 Save Builder, this allows conversion between all the major formats and even the creation of new save files in .psu format (save as .xps in PS2 Save Builder and use PS2 Save Converter to convert it to .psu)

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