PSV Header nearly mapped

I did some more work on the header file earlier and I’m almost done mapping it:



THeader = record

magic : array[0..3] of char;

unknown1 : integer; //always 0x00000000?

Signature : array [0..39] of byte; //digital signature

unknown2 : integer; //always 0x00000000?

unknown3 : integer; //always 0x00000000?

unknown4 : integer; //always 0x0000002C? Size of following section?

unknown5 : integer; //always 0x00000002?

unknown6 : integer; //related to amount of icons? Possibly 2 words or even 4 bytes.

sysPos : integer; //location in file of icon.sys

sysSize : integer; //icon.sys size

icon1Pos : integer; //position of 1st icon

icon1Size : integer; //size of 1st icon

icon2Pos : integer; //position of 2nd icon

icon2Size : integer; //size of 2nd icon

icon3Pos : integer; //position of 3rd icon

icon3Size : integer; //size of 3rd icon

numberOfFiles : integer;




‘unknowns’ 1 to 5 seem pretty static and haven’t changed in the 5 files I’ve looked at but unknown6 still eludes me at this point. Ideas on what it represents are welcome, my suspicion is it is related to the icon and/or icon.sys data as that is what directly follows.


I suspect the digital signature is a SHA-1 HMAC but I’m welcome to other ideas

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