PS2 and Xbox ‘post coffee’ box FIX!

Wow, what can I say, Biggie submitted this fix and it truely does work, so without further wait I’ll let Biggie explain how to escape the invisible box you are stuck in after Hot Coffee:

XBOX/PS2 ‘Post-Coffee Death Box No-Death Fix’
When you exit a girlfirends house after bonking CJ will get stuck in the so called ‘death box’. Here is an easy fix:

Find a vehicle near you (most of the girls have cars) by pressing ‘Y’ (triangle on the PS2). CJ will start to run, but he wont move. Once you know which car CJ is locking onto, end the running by holding back on the L-stick. Shoot the vehicle until it catches fire then hit ‘Y’ (triangle on the PS2) to get CJ running at it again. Once the car blows up, CJ is free again. Easy.

Works for me everytime,

I’ve tested this on the PS2 version and can confirm it 100% working, I’ll be adding this to the help file for the next release with full credit to Biggie

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