WIP: GTA: SA Censor Remover 1.6

I’m currently fine tuning GTA: SA Censor Remover 1.6 for release next week (I’m waiting on a friendly tester to return from holiday before releasing it), here’s the major changes

User Agreement:
Due to GTA: SA being reclassified as an Adults Only game (in line with the UK rating might I add) the first time you run version 1.6 you will be asked to confirm your age, if you are under 18 the program will exit.

German Xbox saves:
It seems the German saves use a different save folder and signature, these will be fully supported in 1.6

Force save type ‘guessing’
I’ve made 1.6 smarter in it’s guessing of valid GTA: SA saves it doesn’t recognise. Should you use a valid PC save that fails the header check and be presented with the Save Type Selection dialog then it should already have the PC option selected (PS2 and PC saves are harder to guess than Xbox saves)

Help file improvements:
Extra information will be present and little clarifications added such like; You can use Datels Xbox Max Drive saves as well as Xbox AR saves natively with GTA: SA Censor Remover.

Expect a release next week 🙂

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