End of an era?

I’ve been mulling over this for some time;

Should PS2 Save Tools shut down in the next year?

The need for the software found here has become less and less and each month I shell out excess hosting/bandwidth fees and each month I get zero donations to keep the site running.
Coupled with the new handheld consoles recently released and the forth-coming ‘big 3’ is there really much interest left in PS2 saves?

In light of this I think I will retire the site and domain name when it’s fees are next up for renewal, until then I shall let the site remain as an archive of software and utilties and of course add anything usefull that I come across such as the Max codelist manager (I’ll have it up in the next few days)

I hope you have made good use of the software found here at PS2 Save Tools, if any of you do feel like contributing a small sum as a token of thanks then I will use it to pay for the remaining hosting, as always this site has never been about lining anyones pockets with cash 🙂

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