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Ok, seems to be a few common questions popping up at the moment, I’ll work on the FAQ section a bit more but for now here’s a quick run down of the most asked:

Q: I need a mutli-format save converter, where can I get one?
A: Download PS2 Save Builder, this will handle all your save converting and creating needs

Q: I transfered some saves with execFTPs, how do I use them with my
A: Open up PS2 Save Builder and drag all the files that make up the save (the ones in the folder) and drop them onto the program. Now name the ROOT/ID as the folder is named on the memory card. Save in your chosen format.

Q: How can I use Xport/Max Drive/Gameshark etc etc saves with execFTPs?
A: Open up the save in PS2 Save Builder, select all the files (click on the first file, hold shift and click on the last one), right click and choose Extract. Save the files in a directory named the same as the Root/ID. Transfer the folder and it’s contents to your memory card

Q: I transfered a GTA save to my PC and back to my memory card using execFTPs and now the game won’t load it.
A: GTA games check all the save for validity, when you transfer it back to the card with execFTPs some file attributes are not set correctly and the game will not load it. My suggestion: Use a commercial product to transfer GTA saves, other methods are too complex and unstable to explain in this news post

Q: How do I change the country region/ID of a save?
A: Open the save up in PS2 Save Builder and change the Root/ID section accordingly to the new ID. Check any files in the save for the old ID and change their names as needed (click on a name then a few seconds later click on it again to edit the name). Save in your chosen format.

As always the latest version of PS2 Save Builder can be found in our downloads section

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