Save Slicer source

I’ve been meaning to release this for about a week now but ISP issues prevented me from accessing this site.

This is the slightly modified source for Save Slicer 1.3, as I now no longer maintain this program I am releasing this source in the hopes it might help more people write software to do interesting and cool stuff with game saves.
The source has been stripped and cleaned, I removed the .npo and .psu support purely because it was ugly and would have confused people trying to figure out what is going on. I have tried to document exactly what is happening in the various sections, some of it might appear condescending, but I’d rather be clear than receive 100 emails asking why something is been done with a certain value.

If you find the source usefull or create a program based upon it, please drop me a line 🙂

You can grab it here, the code is old but usuable, some sections (such as the error trapping on saving a slice) aren’t complete and it’s sometimes not the most efficient code (remember, this was work in progress) but should be more than enough to allow you to see how to work with Xport v2 saves

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