Naplink, now directly bootable from the exploit.

mrbrown discovered that Napalm had created a new version of Naplink that is able to boot from the memory card and requires no extra files or loaders. He had this to say:

“A lot of folk have been asking about how to use Napalm’s Naplink loader software with the Independance exploit. They’ve semi-released (semi as I haven’t seen any official mention of it from Napalm) an updated version of Naplink that can load independantly of memory card or CD-ROM. It’s shipped as a single ELF that can be used directly as BOOT.ELF with the exploit. I’ve ripped this version from the DMS HDD Explorer ISO and put it up here”

Download Naplink 1.0.1.a from our download section.

To use it with the Independence Exploit rename naplink.elf to BOOT.ELF and use it to replace the previous boot.elf loader.

Thanks to the anonymous source who submitted the information, the patch files also included are being investigated and their legal merit assessed

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