Download verification

Going forward all new downloads will also have a signature to verify authenticity and that they are not corrupted. I’ll be looking to update existing downloads with signatures at some point in the future.

Signatures should be checked with my public key (Key ID: 0xC0657143), I’ll add a guide to checking download signatures using GNU Privacy Guard once signatures have been introduced.

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XPS to Max Convertor warning

It has just come to my attention that some people are still using XPS to Max Convertor to convert save files. Please don’t.

When converting from a .max file to .xps no file attributes are set and the save is damaged to the point where other software may not be able to use the file.
All .max conversion should be done using a reliable tool such as PS2 Save Builder

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As mentioned on my blog (where I usually post upcoming info) I left out one small, but very much needed, function from my original release of ARMaxDLL; the ability to read the Root ID/Directory.

I’ve now fixed that glaring ommision, tidied up a few routines dealing with strings and updated the help file with various bits of info including working code examples (Delphi only, if you have examples using different languages please send them to me for inclusion). You’ll also notice that the name has changed, this was to avoid confusion with an existing dll that used the same name.

As usual, grab ARMaxDLL v2 from our downloads section! If you make a program that uses this DLL, do let me know.

Upcoming: The .max format laid bare…

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Add AR Max save support to your programs!

I’ve been working hard today to get this finished and finally, one of the most asked questions of all, can be answered…

Software developers can now add direct support for AR Max saves into their programs with maxDLL, a simple to use DLL with all the features you need to manipulate AR Max saves.

Included with the DLL is a comprehensive help document including details of the PS2 file system and AR Max save limitations to get you started. I’ve also included helper functions for working with the browser text in icon.sys files which can also compensate for and correct faulty SJIS generated by PS2 Save Builder and mcIconSysGen

This is the first release so please send any bug reports or suggestions to the email in the help file.

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Answers to common questions about PSV files

I’ve updated the FAQ section to include the most common questions I get asked about PSV files, let me know if there’s anything not covered.

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Technical breakdown of the PlayStation 2 Memory Card File System and tools

I’ve been flirting on and off with writing a tool to support the PCSX2 memory card files which are a raw image of a PS2 memory card. A couple of days ago I wrote the code to check and correct the ECC data in these files, the 16 byte footer I mentioned in my initial and subsequent posts on the format.

I was gearing up to fully document the format and write a supporting tool only to find that Ross Ridge had already beaten me to it! Check out his excellent technical breakdown of the PlayStation 2 Memory Card File System and you might also be interested in sampling the alpha version of mymc, a command line utility to add and extract files to and from the .ps2 memory card files used by PCSX2

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PS3 firmware update allows transferring of saves back to memory cards

It seems that Sony have finally realised that one way data transfer was a poor decision and in the 1.80 firmware update have included the facility to transfer data back onto a PSOne or Playstation 2 memory card using the Memory Card Adapter.

This is great news for those who already paid out money for what was effectively a one-use item. PSV Exporter, previously the only way to transfer saves back from the PS3, whilst not being so essential is still a highly useful tool for saves transfer and will hopefully one day include the facility to edit and create PSV files.

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Playstation 3 owners can now finally complete Kingdom Hearts 2

I recently reported on the show stopping bug found on Kingdom Hearts 2 when played on a Playstation 3. Quickly recapping; A bug in the PS3 emulation makes one of the boss fights in Tron’s World completely unwinnable leaving players unable to continue and complete the game.

I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on my trusty PS2 and luckily was not yet at the Hostile Program fight when the news broke. I am proud to present a save, made immediately after the Hostile Program battle for all Playstation 3 owners to enjoy!

Download the Kingdom Hearts 2 PSV saves – after the Hostile Program fight for Playstation 3 users.

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Microsoft stopping Xbox 360 save sharing?

It seems Microsoft have taken new steps to stop people sharing their game saves and are now including a revocation list containing ID’s that will no longer be accepted on different Xbox 360 consoles than the save was created on.

I’ll be doing a little bit more research on this and posting my thoughts over at in the next day or so but in the mean time I’ve knocked up Revocation ID Checker to quickly check if your saves contain a blacklisted console ID.

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PS3 Kingdom Hearts 2 glitch workaround

Taking the Emotion Engine out of the European Playstation 3’s was a really bad idea, Sony themselves said that software emulation wasn’t good enough and true to form a problem with a top title has emerged.

A discussion over at the forums has unearthed a show stopping glitch when you play Kingdom Hearts 2 on a PlayStation 3. Facing off against the hostile program in Tron’s world becomes an endless endevour and progress cannot be made further in the game.

ninjaboris, from the forums, quickly came up with a workaround using none other than our very own PSV Exporter to transfer your save to a PS2 Memorycard (using PS2 Save Builder to convert the raw files created by PSV Exporter into a save for your preferred save transfering method or program), complete the problem section on a PS2 and then use the PS3 Memorycard Adapter to transfer the save back to the PS3.

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