Python script to generate Xbox save signing keys

Over at my personal site I’ve just announced the release of a Python script to generate the keys used to digitally re-sign Xbox saves.

Using xbox-save-sig is as simple as passing in the path to a default.xbe file:

python -i /path/to/default.xbe

The output will be a text representation of the digital signature for save signing:


The script can output the key in a selection of formats and being Python can run on many different systems.

The script is licensed under the MIT License, which is pretty permissive, so feel free to fork, improve and put it to good use!

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ARMax save format source code released

For those of developers that still have an interest in modifying Playstation 2 save files we have some good news!

Today we have uploaded the source code for ARMax.pas, a Delphi unit for working with Action Replay Max PS2 saves files. This file forms the heart of ARMaxDLL, the DLL we released to help developers add AR Max save format support to their applications.

With this file we hope other developers can continue to create new applications supporting all types of Playstation 2 saves.

Grab, and fork the code, over at the ARMax GitHub repository.

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Contact form issues

Hey folks, I’ve found out that our contact form wasn’t behaving and enquiries were going unseen and unanswered. Apologies if you asked a question and I never got back to you. Everything appears to be working now so if you never heard back from me drop another note our way.

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The missing downloads

During the move to a new platform I took the opportunity to prune a few of the deprecated downloads from the site. These were mainly tools with functions since replaced by PS2 Save Builder.

If you’re looking for any of the following tools you should download PS2 Save Builder instead:

  • Save Slicer
  • PS2 Save ID Changer
  • Icon Injector
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Downloads are back

I’ve changed the way downloads are initiated (they now start after 10 seconds rather than when you press the download button) and downloads are working again.  This is a temporary measure whilst I wait for support to get in touch


Managed to pull together a workaround which means downloads work they way they should without having to wait 10 seconds

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Problem with downloads

Ah, it all worked so well whilst I was setting it up.  There’s a small issue with the downloads not working, please bear with us whilst it is investigated.

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New look, same site

Things are looking a bit different for PS2 Save Tools.  Gone is the old blue site running on an obsolete CMS platform and in comes a more suitable and expandable platform which should happily serve as an archive going forward.

Some effort has gone into ensuring that old content is still available but if something is missing drop us a note and we’ll do our best to get it back online.

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When is a .PS2 file not a .PS2 file?

I was pretty sure that with the advent of the 360 and the PS3 that interest in the old PS2 would subside but I’ve received a few emails asking how to use .PS2 files.

In an unfortunate and confusing move, the Sharkport files which used to have the .md file extension now use the .PS2 extension. This is confusing because there is an existing and incompatible file that also stores PS2 save data. A bad decision by the Sharkport managerial team.

If you have a .PS2 file created by PCSX2 then you should use MYMC to manipulate it.

If you have a .PS2 file created by a Sharkport and you want to edit it or manipulate it with PS2Save Builder then you should change the file extension to .md. This will allow PS2 Save Builder to load the save.

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PSV Format

I’ve uploaded the Delphi unit I use in PSV Exporter, this can either be dropped straight into a Delphi application or used as a technical document of the PSV File Structure.

You can find PSVFormat.pas right here, please note that this also includes support for PS1 files unlike the previous documents posted.

If you make any changes please use the Contact Us form to let us know so we can update the unit accordingly.

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FreeVAST lives!

Over at PSX-Scene jimmikaelkael has been at hard at work figuring out how the Memor32 and Datel’s Memory Plus are able to load programs directly from the memory card. I’ve been watching the thread with interest from the beginning and it seems that his hard work has paid off and a free solution, usable on almost any memory card, is now available!

Bootlegninja has prepared an installation guide to get you up and running. This is currently in beta/Work in Progress status so keep a look out for regular updates!

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