FAQS / Why doesn’t Naplink work when I use it with the Exploit?

Naplink tries to load files from the CD, homemade CD’s are not readable on a non mod chipped PS2.
We can get past this by using PS2Reality’s MCLoader 1.10 and creating an install script that loads the required modules.


  1. Download MCLoader 1.10 and Naplink (PS2 files and suitable PC client)
  2. Extract the contents of the PS2 Naplink zip to a folder, you will be using the files found in theCD folder
  3. Rename npm-usbd.irx to NPM-USBD.IRX and npm-2301.irx to NPM-2301.IRX
  4. Using Winrar version 2 (It is vital that version 2 is used, version 3 will not work) create a rar file named naplink.rar containing naplink.elf, NPM-2301.IRX and NPM-USBD.IRX
  5. Open a text editor and paste the following:{}



  6. Save this in the same directory as the naplink files as mcupload.txt
  7. Open a new document in your text editor and paste the following:

    TITLE Naplink
    RUN naplink.rar
    LOAD rom0:SIO2MAN
    LOAD rom0:MCMAN
    LOAD vmc:/PS2REALITY/unrar.irx
    REN cdrom0:NPM-USBD.IRX;1 unrar:128KB[NPM-USBD.IRX]vmc:/PS2REALITY/NAPLINK/naplink.rar
    REN cdrom0:NPM-2301.IRX;1 unrar:128KB[NPM-2301.IRX]vmc:/PS2REALITY/NAPLINK/naplink.rar

    Note: The text may be wrapped to fit your screen, REN and vmc: are on the same line not seperate lines in both cases. If you copy and paste the entire text in bold you should have no problems
  8. Save this as copy.cnf, do not worry if the .cnf file extension is not shown in windows and do not try to add it manually, you’ll end up with a file with a double extension.
  9. Place mcloader.elf and unrar.irx in the same folder as naplink.rar
  10. Start PS2VFS and set the Media Path to the directory that contains naplink.rar and the other files
  11. Run MCLoader 1.10 on the PS2 and press the Launch NET button found in the Configure IP menu (Be sure to set up the IP config correctly if you haven’t done so yet).
  12. Enter the Memory Card Manager Options screen and press Install Files using PS2VFS
  13. After the operation completes Naplink will be installed on your memory card, simply goto theApplications In The MC option and select it from the list

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