Xport / Sharkport FAQ

What is the difference between the Xport and SharkPort?

The Xport is manufactored and distributed in the UK and most of the world by Datel. Until recently they distributed products in the US via Interact using the brand name SharkPort instead of Xport. The US PS2 disc only works on a US PS2 and so accordingly for the UK edition, however the PC software is compatable with either disc. Datel now distribute the Xport under it’s original name in the US and have provided US PC Xport software for download, this means that the Sharkport is now obselete.

The old SharkPort software uses the .spo, .sps and .spc extension, you can simply rename these to .xpo, .xps and .xpc accordingly to use them on the newer US or UK software.


Using V1 saves with the V2 software

You can still use V1 saves (.xpo or .spo extenion) with the V2 software but you must have an existing save on the card to overwrite.


Converting V1 saves to V2

Simply restore the V1 save back to the card and make a backup of it using the V2 software.


I upgraded to V2 and now I cannot transfer saves

There are two known issues:
(General Troubleshooting follows after)

Incorrect driver

The software sometimes does not update the driver correctly and you may have to update it manually from either the CD or the Drivers folder within the Xport program folder.

To manually update the driver:

Turn on the PS2 with the cable connected to the PC and no disc in the PS2
Right click on My Computer and select Properties.
Click on the Device Manager tab and scroll down to the USBIO controlled devices option and expand the item by clicking on the plus icon.
Highlight Xlink Cable and select Properties, now select the driver tab and click the Update driver option.
Click Next and select Search for Better Driver if it is not already selected.
Uncheck all boxes except Specify Location and use the Browse button to find the correct driver either on the CD or in the ‘C:\Program Files\Datel\XPort 2\Drivers’ folder.
Now simply click Next, the new driver should be found and continue accepting by pressing Next when prompted to install the new driver.

Incompatable Memory Card

Some Sony 8MB memory cards have been found to be incompatable with V2. Most people have reported comms errors when using a card with the serial number 3-966-459-03(03) (found at the bottom of the silver sticker located on the back of the card).

Currently the only option is to use a memory card with a different serial number.

General troubleshooting

Ensure that the cable is firmly connected at the PC, PS2 and to the dongle inbetween the two cables if yours has one.
The PC and PS2 software may be out of sync, try restarting both the PS2 and the PC software,alternatively you can often resync them by removing the PC cable and reconnecting it, this does not work 100% of the time though.


When I backed up my save and restored it later it has a different icon?

The Xport and SharkPort V2 software now saves the icon with the file (thus allowing it to restore saves without needing an existing save) but..
It doesn’t store the games icon, rather it replaces every icon in the save (saves contain up to three icons) with it’s own. Using Icon Injector you can now inject the correct (or even a more interesting) icon back into the save. Icons are found either on the disc in case of GTA: VC (a rare occurance though) or can be extracted from .psu/.psd saves. Please note that some .psu/.psd saves are a backup of an Xport save and may possably contain the incorrect icon. If so, search again for another version of the save.

patch is now available for the Xport software, applying it stops the software from injecting it’s own icon and leaves the original icon intact


GTA3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas saves don’t seem to work when I restore them?

GTA3, GTA:VC and GTA: SA are only compatible with the PS2 Xport/Sharkport software version 2.23 and above. They are also compatible with Action Replay v2 2.35 (and probably above) so if you have access to that disc use it when transferring these saves.

To clarify: The 2.23 PS2 software is already available in the US, however the UK disc has not been mastered yet and therefore any purchase made in the UK/EUR will be 2.21 or lower however if you can still get hold of Action Replay v2 2.35 this can be used in place of the PS2 Xport CD


How can I use US or UK saves on a game that is from a different country?

Saves contain a Product ID, if the ID doesn’t match that of the game then it will not load. Games are assigned a different ID when released in different countries, you can alter the ID of a game save by following this guide


Can I use the Xport software on Windows XP and is there any software for Linux or the Mac?

You can use the Xport V2 software on Windows 98/ME and XP although remember to update the driver manually if upgrading from a previous version. Currently there is no software for Linux or the Mac and there are no plans for any in the future.

Mac users can run the Xport software with Virtual PC, the transfer process is slower and communications can drop after a transfer but it does work.


Can I use PSX/PSOne memory cards with xport V2?

No, you can only use PS2 Memory cards with the Xport/SharkPort software


I get a blank screen or the disc is not accepted by the PS2

You may need a newer disc, try contacting Datel Support on 01785 810838 (UK number) or via email (support@datel.co.uk) explain the problem and see if a replacement is needed.


Can I swap memory card while using the Xport software?

Apparently you can swap memory cards but you must reload it’s contents before doing any transfers


Why isn’t the Colin McRae Rally 3 save I downloaded working?

Colin McRae Rally 3 saves are locked to the card that they were saved on. In theory it is possable to create an AR2/XP2/GS2/CB2 code to bypass this but I haven’t seen one at Codejunkies. I imagine it would be possible to alter the ID contained within the save to match your own but have no experience of this


When I download a code save, it’s saved as a Security Certificate?

Ensure that file extensions are not hidden in windows and change the file extension to .xpc or .spc as needed.


I sent a save across with a new icon but the old one still shows

Firstly ensure that the icon you are injecting into the save isn’t the same as the one you are trying to replace. The ones included with Icon Injector are known to be correct, so try injecting one of those.

Secondly you must remove the corresponding save from the memory card if it is on there. For games such as FFX or Kingdom Hearts etc that use multiple saves only remove the save that you intend replacing. If you fail to do this the Xport/Sharkport software will only send across the game data and not the new icon data.


Can I transfer PSOne Saves from my PS2 card?

Several people have tried this, myself and MattB90 included and we all get the same result, corrupt data when transferred back to the PS2 memory card. However, a user of the SharkPort software claims that he has successfully restored PSOne saves. Upon trying to repeat his success I yet again got corrupt data on my card and nothing more. Whever his success was down to using the latest PS2 software (unknown, I’m not sure what version he was using), pure luck or indeed being less than truthfull has yet to be seen, but I can only go on what I have experienced myself, so the answer is no.


I cannot see all of the text when viewing the contents of my memory card/dongle

This may be caused by using large fonts in Windows, try setting them to a smaller font size


How can I tell what version my PS2 Xport/SharkPort disc is?

Take the PS2 disc and turn it so the back face is towards you, this is the side that the PS2 reads not the side with the logo and text on. When held correctly in the light you will see a dark inner ring close to the center of the disc, etched into this ring is your version number


Can I view save icons on my PC before I send them across to the PS2?

Download PSUView, included in the zip is a dummy .psu save that you can inject your icon into and use PSUView to examine


The USB adaptor won’t recognise the USBIO XLink drivers as USBIO drivers

This may be caused if the USB Host controller/adaptor is not Intel


The Memory card button and AR2/GS2 button are unclickable

This is caused by having large fonts enabled in Windows or an incorrect DPI setting. Change the Font setting to the regular size and the DPI setting to normal (located in the advanced display properities dialog) and the buttons will work again


When I manually add codes to the Xport software it sometimes doesn’t save them

If you add codes by right-clicking to bring up the New Code menu the software may not save the codes you added when you exit.

You can use the Manual Entry button from the Actions section or alternatively you can end the code entries to a file then import them.


Can I use the Action Replay 2/Gameshark2 disc instead of the Xport/Sharkport?

Yes, you can. Either the Action Replay 2 v2 or Gameshark 2 v2 can be subsituted for the PS2 Xport/Sharkport disc and version 2.35 is compatable with GTA3 and GTA:VC

You cannot use an v1 Action Replay 2 or Gameshark 2, nor can you use the Gameshark v3 disc


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  1. Shooter
    Posted April 13, 2018 at 10:25 | Permalink

    Why I d’ont see the files extract .PSV folder in PS2 Save Builder ?

  2. Posted April 14, 2018 at 15:47 | Permalink

    PS2 Save Builder was released a few years before PSV files came about and doesn’t support them. PSV Exporter allows you to extract the contents of PSV files which you can then add by hand to PS2 Save Builder. If you’re having some trouble with the process get in touch via the ‘Contact Us‘ form and we’ll see what we can do to help.

  3. nanami999
    Posted December 15, 2018 at 23:12 | Permalink

    Ps2 save builder doesn’t seem to work with windows 10. Any alternative please ? 🙂

  4. Posted December 15, 2018 at 23:16 | Permalink

    Try running it in compatibility mode.

  5. Hotshot
    Posted December 27, 2018 at 16:11 | Permalink

    Try Windows XP(Service Pack 2) in compatibility mode.It worked for me.I have Windows 10.

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