PS2 Independence Exploit

Files and tools used in the PS2 Independence Exploit, a way to load applications from the memory card requiring no mod chip.

PS2 Independence Installer
Description: This simple program will install the PS2 Independence exploit from a CDROM onto a PS2 memory card. Requires the ability to load home made CD's
Version: 1.0 Size: 96.3 KiB
Author: Sjeep Added: September 6, 2003 Downloads: 24738
PS2 Menu
Description: PS2MENU is a Hard Drive project, born from mcbootloader and PS2 Independence MC loader, meant at start to offer hdd booting similar to that of dms3, on a no-mod or other ps2. If loading as the exploit, PS2MENU.ELF should be renamed to BOOT.ELF
Version: 2.26 Size: 172.8 KiB
Author: Adam Metcalf / Thomas Hawcroft Added: March 22, 2004 Downloads: 23513
Description: Fixed version containing ps2link_forcemc.elf, use if experiencing problems with loading from a memory card
Version: 1.2 Size: 439.9 KiB
Author: Tord Lindstrom, adresd Added: March 14, 2004 Downloads: 5627
Titleman frontend
Description: This handy tool is a windows frontend for Marcus Browns Titleman, adding and removing enteries to title.db is now a simple and quick operation Sources (Visual Basic) are included in the package
Version: 1.0 Size: 128.0 KiB
Author: Emu_kidid Added: January 10, 2004 Downloads: 15355
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    can you show me how to make my flash-drive noticeable on my ps2 slim. thanks email me at

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