PC GTA San Andreas made ‘Hot Coffee proof’

Rockstar have bowed to the venomous and unneeded pressure by US government officials and a shamefaced ratings board and have now issued a patch that makes the ‘Hot Coffee’ scenes unplayable.

Do not expect GTA: SA Censor Remover to work after installing this patch on the PC version of the game.

The PS2 and Xbox versions cannot be patched so easily and the unfinished content can still be accessed with GTA: SA Censor Remover. PC support still remains for those who have no desire to patch the PC version of the game with this Official game patch.

Rockstar, I feel for you. You were needlessly persecuted by people who do this for almost evil reasons (power corrupts and these people crave it so much and seek easy targets claiming it’s for a better good) and have had a game that isn’t suitable for children re-rated by a body who bowed to pressure from these people instead of standing firm by it’s guidelines.

To the parents who bought their children this game and are outraged by the Hot Coffee scenes, don’t blame Rockstar. You should be aware of what you are buying your child and should be aware of what they are playing on a regular basis since they can borrow games from friends.
Blaming a games company because you are an ineffective parent is nothing more than shameful.

GTA San Andreas is not a game for children.

There are many worse things in this world than Hot Coffee, being an inefficient parent or a sensationalizing scare mongering US official are two of these…

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