Mulling over the future with some Hot Coffee

With the sudden interest in GTA and Hot Coffee (available on every version of the game if you use GTA: SA Censor Remover) we are getting more traffic than ever before as news spreads and people begin to realise that this controversial mod is available on the PS2 and Xbox as well as the PC.

So far the total donations received has not covered even two months of excess fees, fees that have been accumulating for several years now.

Now, I will not charge for downloads, I and the other authors who submit their work here did so for free, not for monetary gain but so that others can enjoy their work and it seems that thousands of you enjoy that work very much.

I considered closing this site because every month I reach down and pay the excess fees out of my own pocket so you guys can continue to enjoy the software found here for free, at that time I was tired of giving you a virtual free lunch when so few (think less than 5) have thought what we offer here is worth a dollar/pound/euro or two.

That’s right, we don’t expect you to download something then donate $100, instead $1 would have been enough to let us know you appreciate the work we do here and want to help keep this site up for as long as possible so we can continue to come up with innovations such as the exclusive GTA tools as well as other save manipulating software.

As for the site closing, I’m now hoping to avoid this as old friends have been in contact and solutions for 2006 are tentatively in place and with any luck the site should survive in an archive form if nothing more.

So, if you do like what you see here and have used or indeed regularly use something found here then consider donating just a dollar/pound/euro or two so that others can do the same and we can continue to offer unique innovations to you.

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