GTA: SA Gallery Viewer Repack

Found a small bug with the inbuilt HTML template today so I’ve fixed it and put up a repack of 1.3, it’s the same link as before πŸ™‚

From the changelog:

+Fixed: Corrected and tidied built in HTML template
+Changed: Removed replacement when using a template.html file
Base file:
+Added: You can now view you photos in a slideshow
+Added: you can now create a html gallery complete with thumbnails
+Changed: Program exe name has changed to GTAGV.exe
+Added: Now supports XP Themes
+Fixed: I’m sure I fixed something πŸ˜€

Here’s an example of the default gallery generated by the new HTML Gallery feature (relatively spoiler free but if you don’t want anything ruining at all, don’t look)

For those asking which save transfering device to use, I personally use Datels Max Drive but you are free to use whatever device you can get hold of and PS2 Save builder Supports πŸ™‚

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