PS2Link memory card fix and PAL Xport MCLoader save

As posted on by Adresd

“If anyone is having problems loading PS2LINK from memory card, most notably using the ps2reality loader or the exploit.

The archive (available here) has been updated to include a file called ‘ps2link_forcemc.elf’.

This elf forces loading of the IRX files and the IPCONFIG.DAT from mc0:/PS2LINK/

This is not a permanent solution but has been added as a temporary measure as many people have requested versions to work with various loaders.

If you are experiencing problems, make sure the required files are in ‘mc0:/PS2LINK/’ then place that elf wherever you want for the loader you are using, and run it. It will then load the files from that fixed location.

This only applies to those experiencing difficulties, and this is being looked at for the next release of PS2LINK.”

On a similar note, Nachbrenner has graciously provided some prebuilt Xport saves, you’ll find those here

“The POKE in copy.cnf fixes a bug, w/o PS2Link would try to read from host. As usual: this will overwrite old saves”

Source: Nachbrenner

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