What’s going on

Just a small update to let you know the status of various projects and what’s going on behind the scenes.

Save Slicer:
Beta 3 is on the cards, bug fixes include the detection and removal of non-windows characters and I might try to squeeze in full nPort conversion without the need for npo-x.exe. If I’m successfull then you know what I’m going to make next….

Save Text Editor:
No progress since last time mainly due to real life getting in the way, however the part that needs code is not a major task and a beta will be made available to members as soon as I finish it

Until now this has been only a little more usefull than using a hex editor and a damn sight slower.
I plan on totally scrapping the existing gui + code and programming a much neater, faster and advanced version that should work with 100% of saves rather than the current 99%

All projects:
nPort support will be added to all existing programs.

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