MCLoader and Naplink Xport saves

This zip contains two Xport saves: MCLoader.xps is a PAL BEDATA-SYSTEM save which has MCLoader 1.10 as it's BOOT.ELF, it is configured to use FF7 PAL SCES_008.67, Gran Turismo 1 PAL SCES_009.84 and Gran Turismo 2 PAL SCES_023.80 Naplink.xps is a save containing Naplink configured to run from the memory card, you must use MCLoader 1.10 to load it via the 'Applications in MC' option. Note: This save will overwrite any existing PS2Reality save, this is required and can be avoided by installing Naplink manually to an existing PS2Reality save
File Size252.5 KiB
DateSeptember 7, 2003
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