FAQS / When I backed up my save and restored it later it has a different icon?

The Xport and SharkPort V2 software now saves the icon with the file (thus allowing it to restore saves without needing an existing save) but..
It doesn’t store the games icon, rather it replaces every icon in the save (saves contain up to three icons) with it’s own. Using Icon Injector you can now inject the correct (or even a more interesting) icon back into the save. Icons are found either on the disc in case of GTA: VC (a rare occurance though) or can be extracted from .psu/.psd saves. Please note that some .psu/.psd saves are a backup of an Xport save and may possably contain the incorrect icon. If so, search again for another version of the save.

patch is now available for the Xport software, applying it stops the software from injecting it’s own icon and leaves the original icon intact

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