FAQS / I upgraded to V2 and now I cannot transfer saves

There are two known issues:
(General Troubleshooting follows after)

Incorrect driver

The software sometimes does not update the driver correctly and you may have to update it manually from either the CD or the Drivers folder within the Xport program folder.

To manually update the driver:

Turn on the PS2 with the cable connected to the PC and no disc in the PS2
Right click on My Computer and select Properties.
Click on the Device Manager tab and scroll down to the USBIO controlled devices option and expand the item by clicking on the plus icon.
Highlight Xlink Cable and select Properties, now select the driver tab and click the Update driver option.
Click Next and select Search for Better Driver if it is not already selected.
Uncheck all boxes except Specify Location and use the Browse button to find the correct driver either on the CD or in the ‘C:\Program Files\Datel\XPort 2\Drivers’ folder.
Now simply click Next, the new driver should be found and continue accepting by pressing Next when prompted to install the new driver.

Incompatable Memory Card

Some Sony 8MB memory cards have been found to be incompatable with V2. Most people have reported comms errors when using a card with the serial number 3-966-459-03(03) (found at the bottom of the silver sticker located on the back of the card).

Currently the only option is to use a memory card with a different serial number.

General troubleshooting

Ensure that the cable is firmly connected at the PC, PS2 and to the dongle inbetween the two cables if yours has one.
The PC and PS2 software may be out of sync, try restarting both the PS2 and the PC software,alternatively you can often resync them by removing the PC cable and reconnecting it, this does not work 100% of the time though.

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