Misc tools

Programs by other people and other small tools for saves

GTA: San Andreas Gallery Viewer
Description: View/save your GTA:SA photo's on your PC and automaticly create a html gallery of your snaps
Version: 1.4 Size: 309.0 KiB
Author: gothi Added: February 14, 2005 Downloads: 6032
Icon Crippler
Description: This patch allows you to save the correct icon when using the Xport 1.3 (UK), Xport 1.10 (US) or Sharkport software. Use patches on downloaded software only Please note that Datel will most likely NOT support any errors or problems you experience after patching, however they have been tested and no problems were found
Version: 1.1 Size: 10.4 KiB
Author: RCE Added: March 21, 2003 Downloads: 4780
Linux memory card dir limit patch
Description: The PS2 linux MCFS has a limit of 256 directories on the memory card, this patch removes said limit. It should be combined with mrbrowns full memory card access patch for maximum effect
Version: 1.0 Size: 1.1 KiB
Author: Kevin Kaichuan He Added: May 27, 2003 Downloads: 1536
Max Codelist manager
Description: This incredibly useful tool allows you to remove all the useless codes you never use from AR Max Codelist updates freeing up space on your memory card. Requires the .NET framework to run.
Version: 1.4 Size: 331.7 KiB
Author: Mirality Systems Added: July 14, 2005 Downloads: 4622
MC ICON.SYS Generator
Description: A quick and handy icon.sys generator, less functional than the one found in PS2 Save Builder but just as useful
Version: 1.0 Size: 103.2 KiB
Author: Hiryu Added: April 8, 2004 Downloads: 4027
MemoryCard Killer
Description: MC Killer is a quick utility to format your memory card. Essential for recovering lost space or fixing a corrupt cards file system. Requires the ability to run 'homebrew' software to work.
Version: 1.0 Size: 52.3 KiB
Author: Unknown Added: March 4, 2007 Downloads: 12856
Milkshape PS2 Icon Importer/Exporter
Description: This plugin for Milkshape allows you to create and edit PS2 Save icons.
How to install:
1. Install MilkShape 3D
2. Unzip in to MilkShape 3D folder

1. Textures must be a 128 by 128 24-bit bitmap
2. The only part of a material use is the Diffuse texture
Version: 0.8 Size: 18.8 KiB
Author: Vector Added: September 17, 2003 Downloads: 3383
nPort Index Generator
Description: A useful utility to create nPort index files
Version: 1.2 Size: 6.5 KiB
Author: RCE Added: December 5, 2003 Downloads: 7798
PS2 Linux Patches
Description: This patch allows you to view the full contents of the PS2 memory card. When applied properly you should be able to view the full contents of the memory card, not just the contents of BWLINUX/.
Version: 1.0 Size: 2.0 KiB
Author: mrbrown Added: May 26, 2003 Downloads: 2004
PS2 Save Builder
Description: The swiss army knife of saves returns featuring support for even more save types! AR Max, CodeBreaker, nPort, XPort, Sharkport, this program supports them all and more.

Due to utilising executable packing PS2 Save Builder has been flagged by some anti virus products as malicious or dangerous. Trend Micro have reviewed PS2 Save Builder and confirmed that it is not dangerous. We are actively engaging with other vendors to have the file reviewed and white listed in their definitions.

To be sure that you are using a safe version of PS2 Save Builder only download the file from PS2Savetools.com and confirm the files SHA256 signatures match these:
Ps2_Save_Builder_0.8x.zip: bb4c39e392284e31bbbb89d610605b254a77724922353980829ba9a463a44768
ps2save-builder.exe: 2b4a12a28309d51d6ba30d420792a41ae2de0c7a758e5d2249deae4a5959793a
PropTree.dll: 87fcd461891664d7f2786eb8bed0d988e8a7a1f7b4caabb3a29b8a6fc66c767b
Version: 0.8x Size: 127.6 KiB
Author: Vector Added: October 21, 2004 Downloads: 843007
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