Check If .xps file is a v1 or v2

Private Function valid_xps(FName As String) As Boolean
    'function to check if file is xpo with xps header 
    'returns True if is a valid V2 save
    Dim vxbyte As Byte
    Dim nFileNum As Long
    nFileNum = FreeFile
    Open FName For Binary Access Read As #nFileNum
    Get #nFileNum, 18, vxbyte
    Close #nFileNum
    If vxbyte = &H1 Then
        Valid_xps = False
        Valid_xps = True
    End If
End Function


Assuming txtload.Text contains location of an Xport v2 save:

Dim isvalid As Boolean
isvalid = Valid_xps(txtload.Text)
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