PSV Format

I’ve uploaded the Delphi unit I use in PSV Exporter, this can either be dropped straight into a Delphi application or used as a technical document of the PSV File Structure.

You can find PSVFormat.pas right here, please note that this also includes support for PS1 files unlike the previous documents posted.

If you make any changes please use the Contact Us form to let us know so we can update the unit accordingly.

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FreeVAST lives!

Over at PSX-Scene jimmikaelkael has been at hard at work figuring out how the Memor32 and Datel’s Memory Plus are able to load programs directly from the memory card. I’ve been watching the thread with interest from the beginning and it seems that his hard work has paid off and a free solution, usable on almost any memory card, is now available!

Bootlegninja has prepared an installation guide to get you up and running. This is currently in beta/Work in Progress status so keep a look out for regular updates!

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Memory Plus, homebrew is possible but not without some help…

Lukasz Bruun got himself a Datel Memory Plus 64MB card but things didn’t quite work as he expected. He’s written an interesting article detailing his experiences, how he fixed the problems with Datel’s new hardware and provides the tools so you don’t have to. It’s a must read for any Memory Plus owner wanting to run homebrew from the card. Without it, and the tools Lukasz provides, your homebrew options might be limited.

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Memory Plus, now available to buy

Looks like Datel finally updated their online store to include the PS2 Memory Plus 64MB. I’ll be looking to get hold of one of these and put it through it’s paces. Most importantly we’ll see how this compares to the Memor32….

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Memory Plus, Datel’s answer to the Memor32

Although there’s no offical anouncement or product details on Codejunkies, kiwicider from psx-scene has his hands on a 64MB card from Datel called the Memory Plus





The Memory Plus reportedly comes with a built in saves management software that automatically loads when the PS2 is switched on, no CD required. The instructions also cover the loading of homebrew software from the memory card or a USB pendrive by naming the files runme1.elf or runme2.elf. We’ll be looking for more details on this new addition to the PS2 Memorycard range and comparing it’s features to the Memor32 in due course.


Memory Plus Instructions:



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Memor32 Review

It’s been a long time coming but my long delayed review of the Memor32 has finally arrived. It’s a fairly lengthy review, I’ve tried to cover everything from the install to expansion using the Memento firmware.

For those that just want to know my final thoughts on the card check out the executive summary below, for those that want the full deal come this way for my Memor32 review.

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Vista support for Memor32

The Memor32 team have been hard at work and released a new version of their Save Game Manager with full Vista support.

The .max import function is currently not working although this should be fixed in a upcoming update.

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Memor32 Save Game Manger update

The Memor32 guys have been hard at work and just released another update to their saves managing software, the Memor32 SGM.

The main addition in this release is support for importing .max saves, opening up the multitude of freely available saves for direct use with no conversion needed.

Watch out for further updates, Vista support should be coming very soon!

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PS2 AR Max Save Format

I was finally able to tear myself away from Halo 3 to finish up the AR Max save format doc I was working on.

It’s a bit rough and ready but should allow anyone with an understanding of file structures to work with AR Max saves themselves. I’ve also included some of the code (in Delphi naturally) from ARMaxDLL in hopes to clarify how the archive is formed.

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New utilities added

We’ve got two additions to the downloads today:

ffgriever has updated PS2 Save Converter to 0.030, implementing .max support. You now need only one tool to handle your .psu/.xps and .max conversions.

Dex2Raw is a utility I knocked up to help Krack3n over at It allows quick conversions of PS1 Dex Drive saves into individual raw PS1 saves suitable for transfer with ULaunchElf.

That’s it for the current software roundup, I’m looking at some PS2 saves with a .ps2 file extension which were not produced by PCSX2 and I’ll be looking to finally finish the .max format write up very soon

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